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I want to talk to Jennifer LeClaire.



  • Debbie Hammant

    Good morning
    I watched the first lesson on severing to root of rejection, is there a place to discuss what we’ve learnt? God showed me quite a fair bit through the teaching, there is a big one but I can also see other things like you said how rejection opens the door to other things. But I seen a lot and had to pause a few times because God was showing me more, yes I was in tears but I see there is a mixture of things and even like a cross over where the enemy has twisted my understanding
    Thankyou who can I speak with

  • Joseph c migliori jr

    I am up coming evanglist but I need to deal
    With this gnostic thing in my daughter me and kids mother god revealed a picture I wish some how I could show the picture

  • Christopher

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  • Mulizaznclai

    I am very blessed to be your follower Pastor Jennifer Leclaire, I pray you are blessed by the grace of God and the strength of new faith to get Grace nik


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